Navire Argo, combining our artist-run film lab and a cinema open to the public, is to be hosted in the former Éclair film laboratory.

To make this space entirely dedicated to contemporary and future photochemical film practices a reality, we are looking for significant funding in order to renovate the building. 

To help this living conservatory of cinematographic creation, training, and exhibition see the light of day, L’Abominable needs your support () more than ever.

Navire Argo

Navire Argo will bring together an artist-run film lab and a public screening room equipped to show films in their original formats. A space to create, to project, and to share knowledge and skills.

At the former Éclair laboratory

Navire Argo has found its home port. We are now seeking funding for the renovation of the premises.

For photochemical cinema

The film industry’s digital turn has brought about a profound shift in practices. However, many filmmakers continue to take the less trodden path and choose photochemical film as their means of expression.

Support Navire Argo

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