The artist-run film lab L’Abominable (), where nearly 400 films have been brought to life, must leave its premises in La Courneuve (Paris region, France), in the summer of 2022.

After twenty-five years of providing filmmakers with photochemical tools, all the equipment and knowledge acquired over this time could be reduced to nothing.

Join us in our effort to create a permanent space that will be a living conservatory of cinematographic techniques:

Navire Argo

Navire Argo will bring together an artist-run film lab and a public screening room equipped to show films in their original formats. A space to create, to project, and to share knowledge and skills.

A space to come

To bring Navire Argo to life, we are searching for a permanent home in the Paris region, between now and summer 2022, with the support of a city or town, an association of municipalities, or an institutional landlord. 

For photochemical cinema

The film industry’s digital turn has brought about a profound shift in practices. However, many filmmakers continue to take the less trodden path and choose photochemical film as their means of expression.

Become an Argonaut

Sign the petition, help us to find a space, share with others…

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