Navire Argo, bringing together our artist-run film lab and a cinema, will be housed in the former Éclair film laboratory.

We have secured funding to create a space fully dedicated to contemporary and future practices of photochemical film and plan to set up our machines in a completely renovated, 2000 square meter building by 2025.

Discover and support () this living conservatory, a place for artistic creation, learning, and sharing.

Navire Argo

Navire Argo will bring together an artist-run film lab and a public screening room equipped to show films in their original formats. A space to create, to project, and share knowledge and skills.

At the former Éclair laboratory

Navire Argo has dropped anchor in the former Éclair laboratory in Épinay-sur-Seine, a landmark of the 20th century cinema industry.

For photochemical cinema

The digital turn of the film industry has caused a profound shift in practices. Still, many filmmakers take the less trodden path by choosing photochemical film as their means of expression.

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