Navire Argo’s layout

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Plan Navire Argo laboratoire argentique cinéma salle de projection atelier développement film 16mm 35mm
Projection booth Screening room Public space Processor development Preparation and storage of chemistry Darkroom Main space Contact printing Oxberry and JK optical printers Rostrum camera/animation stand Sound camera Storage Spare parts and machines Electronics workshop Mechanical workshop General workshop: Office space Common area Subtitling station Film collection Archives Scanning & digital video Editing suites Sound/video storage Guest room

Projection booth

16mm and 35mm two-projector changeover system allowing the projection of the majority of prints in circulation and the training of projectionists

Screening room

Roughly one hundred seats; spacious enough for performances

Public space

For the public to congregate and discuss films over a drink; can also be used for pedagogical activities and as an exhibition space

Processor development

16mm/35mm processors for negative (camera originals) and positive (projection prints) in color and black and white, machine for washing prints after subtitling, film cleaning machine 

Preparation and storage of chemistry

For preparing development baths


Hand processing, flat printing, photographic enlargers

Main space

Inspection and handling of film elements on light tables and editing tables, rewinds, negative cutting, synchronizers, refrigerators for unexposed film

Contact printing

To strike 16mm and 35mm sound prints

Oxberry and JK optical printers

Optical printing (effects, speed modifications, superimpositions, format changes involving Super 8, 16mm, 35mm)

Rostrum camera/animation stand

16mm/35mm overhead camera, kinescope (video to film)

Sound camera

For creating 16mm and 35mm optical soundtracks


Film elements and portable projectors

Spare parts and machines

Parts for machine maintenance and storage of extra machines

Electronics workshop

For working with electronic boards and the maintenance of cameras and portable projectors

Mechanical workshop

Repair and production of mechanical parts via turning, milling, 3D printing, etc.

General workshop:

For everyday maintenance of the space, storage of tools and raw materials

Office space

Workspace, technical documentation

Common area

Conference room, kitchen for the team and filmmakers working at the lab

Subtitling station

Laser subtitling of 16mm and 35mm projection prints

Film collection

Navire Argo’s collection of 16mm and 35mm films (from the Cinémathèque Française and private collections)


Archives of the organization L’Abominable going back to 1996

Scanning & digital video

Film to digital transfers, workstations for digital editing and color grading

Editing suites

For editing 16mm and 35mm film

Sound/video storage

Camera and post-production equipment

Guest room

To host filmmakers who have travelled long distances to work at the lab